Where is Musick Auction located, and hours of operation?

We have two locations in Idaho.

Nampa, Idaho
1110 E. Karcher Rd., Nampa, Idaho 83687

Meridian, Idaho
1346 N Hickory Ave, Meridian, ID 83642

Monday – Friday – 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday & Sunday – Closed

Why consign with Musick Auction?

We understand selling your items or your family’s estate can be a difficult and emotional time. We offer pick-up services, without having to collect any up-front fees. You won’t have crowds of people walking through the house to preview items. You can rest assured that we will handle everything, from A to Z.

What are your fees?

As a policy we do not publicly advertise our fee schedule and consignment rate. Please contact our auction and our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

What is the time frame to get my auction booked online?

Generally we ask for enough time to inventory all the auction items, professionally photograph them, and advertise as well. Typically this takes a couple weeks.

Why buy with Musick Auction?

We have a huge inventory of items from lots of different industries and individuals.  We have an endless variety of items to bid on including vehicles, firearms, tools, motorsports, coins, construction, farm, fleet, government, and more.

Is there a fee to register or bid?

No. There are no fees to register for an account or to bid in any of our events. However, there is a buyers premium on all purchases. With a registered account you can easily browse our current inventory, review past selling prices and create a watchlist.

What is a staggered close? What is a soft close?

A staggered close is where each lot ends at set increments after the previous lot, so all lots don’t end at the same time. A soft close is where bidding activity extends 4 minutes per lot if there is bidding activity within the last four minutes. Bidding will be extended until there are no more bids.

What is a maximum bid?

A maximum bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay and the computer will automatically bid up to your max amount in the increments specified should someone else bid on the item. Example #1: if the bid is at $20.00 and you put a max bid of $250.00 you would be the high bid at $21.00 and you would be the winner at $21.00 unless someone was bidding against you. It would take someone bidding against you to increase your bid. Example: #2 If the bid is at $20.00 and you bid $250.00 and someone else has placed a bid of $150.00 then your bid would be advanced to $160.00, and if the auction ends at $160.00 that is what you pay, not $250.00 . It would take someone bidding against you to advance your bid.

How do I know if I won an item?

There are 2 ways to determine you are the winning bidder on an auction item. All winning bidders are emailed an auction invoice after the event is closed. You can also find your invoice by accessing your customer account online.

What is your shipping policy?
I won! Now what?

Invoices are to be paid and items picked up no later than 72 hours after the auction closes. For example, a Tuesday auction payment and pick-up is expected no later than Friday 6PM. You can pay in-person or online on your account page.